Israel Under Fire
    משרד החוץ קורא לתושבי הדרום לשלוח סרטונים ותמונות המציגים את החיים ​ :תחת איום הרקטות לכתובת 
    .אנא הימנעו מסיכון חייכם לצורך תיעוד והישמעו להוראות פיקוד העורף 


      Israel left the Gaza Strip 7 years ago but got rockets instead of peace.
      Millions of Israelis are being targeted by Hamas rockets. That is a reality no state can bear.
      Israel – like all other countries – has a right to self-defense. When its citizens are being attacked, it must defend them.
      Hamas is committing a double war crime – it uses Palestinian civilians as human shields and Israeli civilians as targets.
      Israel does everything possible to prevent harm to Palestinian civilians. Hamas does everything possible to put Palestinian civilians in harm’s way.

    • Israeli baby hurt by rocket fired from Gaza
      Photo By: Gidon Rachamim

        Iron Dome intercepts a rocket that was fired from Gaza
        Photo By: Ariel Kruglakov



        Qassam rocket hits a south Israeli Kibbutz
        Photo By: Lior Sharon


        Paramedics take an injured Israeli to the hospital
        Photo By: Moshe Milner



        Call for action
        Photo By: MFA