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About Israel

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    Christians in Israel

    The situation of Christians in Israel according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics report, December 2011
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    • Archeological investigation in the Land of Israel began in the middle of the 19th century, when biblical scholars surveyed the area in search of remains of places mentioned in the Bible.
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    • Israel is an old-new country, small in size, but with a culturally active, heterogeneous population.
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    • The State of Israel was admitted to the United Nations (UN) as its 59th member on 11 May 1949.
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    • World Jewry, in recognition of the centrality of Israel in Jewish life, participates in building the country.
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    • The establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and the Holy See may be viewed as a step of major significance in an historic process of change in the Church's attitude to Jud ...
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    LanguagesHebraew, Arabic (official)​
    Dialing Code​+972​
    CurrencyNew Israeli Shekel (NIS)​
    System AdministrationDemocracy​
    Establishment State Date14.5.1948​


    • National Emblem

      National Emblem​

    • Hatikva - THe National Anthem

      THe National anthem click to listen

  • Time in Israel

  • Currencies

    1 Italy Euro=4.6786 NIS

    1 Israeli Shekel=0.21 EUR

    Data By Bank Of Israel