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About Israel

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    Land of Milk and Honey

    ​Israel is a small, narrow, semi-arid country on the southeastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. It entered history some 35 centuries ago when the Jewish people forsook its nomadic way of life, settled in the Land and became a nation.
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    Fast Facts

    LanguagesHebraew, Arabic (official)​
    Dialing Code​+972​
    CurrencyNew Israeli Shekel (NIS)​
    System AdministrationDemocracy​
    Establishment State Date14.5.1948​

    National Symbols

    • Hatikva - The National Anthem

      The National Anthem

    • National Emblem

      National Emblem​

  • Time in Israel

  • Currencies

    1 USA Dollar=3.564 NIS

    1 Israeli Shekel=0.28 USD

    Data By Bank Of Israel