About the embassy

About the Embassy

    Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Israel in Nigeria. For more information, please send us a mail on info@abuja.mfa.gov.il
    Be a fan of the Embassy on our facebook page "Israel in Nigeria" and also follow us on our twitter account on  www.twitter.com/IsraelinNigeria
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    Contact Details

    Address:Embassy of Israel, Nigeria.,
    Plot 12, Mary Slessor Street

    Operator: 09-4605500

    Consular Section: 09-4605515

    Mashav Department: 09-4605508


    Reception Hours



    NameJob titleE-mail
    Uriel PaltiAmbassadore-mail
    Florence OsujiEconomic affairse-mail
    Anthony ObiechinaPress/Media affairse-mail
    Chika AjaegbuPublic Diplomacye-mail
    Irene EgudaMashave-mail
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    This is to inform the Public that the consular section is open to the public. Thank you for your cooperation.
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